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Till Death Do Us Part
by Chuck Marchetti,Sterling Heights, MI
Description: This is the last photograph I took of my parents together in April, 2003. My mother passed away 10 days later; my father passed away 9 months after her. They were married and totally devoted to each other for 56 years. © Digital Photo Nut.Com.

一则新闻:2005年02月06日02:58 辽沈晚报
  本报鞍山消息 (特派鞍山记者 韩涛) 相隔不到12个小时,一对携手走过77年风雨人生的97岁老夫妻,先后安详地闭上了眼睛。昨日,在鞍山市铁西区永丰社区的一间瓦房里,老夫妻的子孙向记者讲述了这段传奇。

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